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Investment products

Investment product advice and selection

Maximising your savings and investments takes careful planning and consideration. By making the full use of the various savings allowances you are entitled to you can maximise the full potential of your portfolio and preserve and increase your wealth.

Investment products can include investment ISAs, collective investments / unit trusts, investment bonds, Onshore Bonds, Offshore Bonds, OEICs, VCTs (Venture Capital Trusts), EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme), investments to aid inheritance tax planning and others.

Investment planning includes full consideration of tax implications that affect the success of your investments in relation to your objectives.

Pension investment products

Investment products can be used as part of a portfolio for retirement planning. The choices these days are much wider than traditional pension products and an alternative or a combination of products may be right for you.

Investments can also be used for decumulation i.e. investing your retirement income. We can help you in selecting a suitable investment strategy when you need to take a sustainable income upon retirement and beyond.

What to look out for

  • Choosing the most appropriate strategy needs to take into account your tax position both now and after retirement.
  • Tax implications of any decisions you make.
  • See our range of ethical investment products, which provide a socially responsible way to invest.