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Investment strategy

Wide range of investment options available to meet your needs.

To help you achieve your financial goals, we can invest your capital within innovative risk-based strategies provided by several leading investment managers or we can construct a bespoke plan using the more than 5,000 mutual funds, 1,000 Exchange Traded Funds, or 5,000 equities available to us.

Our exclusive relationships help you get the best pricing possible

These investment strategies are designed to diversify risk, meet your investment goals and seek to create wealth through innovative thinking within the right charging structure.

Our unique planning tools ensure your investment goals are realistic

By correctly understanding your appetite for risk, we can make sure that the goals you set are realistic and the investment strategies we recommend are the most suitable.

We ascertain your risk profile using a number of methods and then display these in a way that is easily understood.  Mayfield Financial Planning also interrogates the risk profile of your legacy products, to ensure that they are correctly invested and, if not, look at where they would better suit your individual needs.

Online investment management

We pride ourselves on using the latest interactive technologies available. All our clients have access to a fully functional, secure website and unique mobile applications to view your portfolio, see how your investments are performing and make changes if you wish.

You will be able to view all your financial legacy and portfolio information in one location. You get detailed performance reporting and 24/7 access from your PC, laptop or mobile device.

You also have the ability to communicate directly and securely with your adviser through the platform.

The online platform provides:

  • In depth view of your asset allocation. You can drill down into more detail on the funds – which may include any one or more of: A pension, investment plan, ISA or bond with different providers. On some you can drill down into more specifics on where it’s invested and how it is invested.
  • A function to set a goal on the plan to help you to work towards your overall targets.
  • Facility to top up your pensions and investments by making ad-hoc contributions.
  • Secure document storage for all investment related documents – no need for paperwork.
  • Secure messaging facility – so that you can interact with me as your advisor, communicate securely about your investments. For example you may want to invest in something new, consider new investments or change your investment strategy.